Professional Portfolio

Welcome to the visual section of my professional portfolio. To provide you with a better picture of who I am as a teacher and what occurs in my classroom, I have assembled a number of “artifacts” as visual evidence for your perusal. This section of my portfolio is organized into four sections or domains which are based upon Charlotte Danielson’s “The Framework for Teaching.”  Danielson is considered an authority on teacher evaluation systems and the components that make a successful educator. According to page two of Charlotte Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching, 2nd Edition (2007), frameworks “are the public’s guarantee that the members of a profession hold themselves and their colleagues to high standards of practice.” In this spirit I invite you to explore the four domains of my teaching practice by either navigating the links below or using the drop down tabs on the top menu of the screen.


Domain 1:  Planning and Preparation

Domain 2:  The Classroom Environment

Domain 3:  Instruction (Under Construction)

Domain 4:  Professional Responsibilities (Under Construction)