Domain 2

Domain 2:  The Classroom Enviroment


Artifacts in this section relate to the following sub-domains:

2a – Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

2b – Establishing a Culture for Learning

2c – Managing Classroom Procedures

2d – Managing Student Behavior

2e – Organizing Physical Space

*All artifacts are listed in bullet points below the following descriptions, please follow the links to view each artifact.



Classroom Expectations:  I am a firm believer that if clear expectations are set from the moment students walk into the classroom, then each lesson will have an enhanced flow and most student behaviors are easily redirected.  The following artifacts are ways I display the music room expectations for the younger learner.

Newsletters, Concert Announcements and Parent Communication:  A large component of establishing an environment of respect is done through positive communication.  Although I am not able to display the various emails and phone calls that are made throughout the year to contact parents, I do keep track of communication in the form of logs and notes.   The following examples demonstrate various ways I communicate with families outside of the music room.

Character Education:  As my teaching philosophy states, I strive to educate my students using the ideal “head, heart and hands.”  I try to include character education as a core portion of my curriculum, in addition to participating in the establishment of school wide character education programs.  I have even had the opportunity to create a unique pledge that is sung every morning at my Antioch school.  The following artifacts outline just a few of the character education related aspects of my teaching including my own character education pledge, golden music awards (physical and paper awards) I created for the school wide program, and my bullying prevention policy.

Student Interaction:  Interactions in my classroom are always approached with courtesy and respect.  Whether I am teaching a concept through movement, choosing a student to be the helper for the day or utilizing a puppet to teach a concept, my students know that they are valued.  The following examples are just a few positive visual interactions I have had with my students.

Incentive Charts and Behavior Management Systems:  There is more to managing student behavior than merely posting expectations for students to follow.  Over the years I have utilized a wide variety of classroom management strategies to facilitate student engagement and success. Methods such as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Love and Logic and Whole Brain Teaching are just a few of the tools I have in my music teacher belt.  The following artifacts document some of the behavior management approaches I used this school year.

Physical Classroom Space:  The physical space in my classroom has been designed to facilitate ease of movement, multiple teaching spaces and age levels, as well as accommodate a multitude of physical and emotional needs.  My themes for decoration vary, but the main focus is creating a engaging atmosphere where students want to come and learn.  The following artifacts show some visual examples of different aspects of the music room.

Substitute Plans:  Ideally I will be able to be at school to interact with my students each day throughout the school year.  However, working with children can lead to colds and sniffles and the inevitable sick day.  To facilitate the best music experience for both my students and the substitute I have a pre-made “sub tub” filled with all the information and supplies a sub will need to teach a day full of music classes regardless of age or need.  The following artifacts are pictures of my current sub tub.

Bulletin Boards:  Often families only interaction with the music room is at concerts and the various times they attend functions at the school. Keeping this in mind, I try very hard to create colorful and interesting bulletin boards to catch both the students’ and visitors’ attention when they near the music room space.  The following examples are of various bulletin boards I have put up in my hallway bulletin board, along a few decorations to create a pleasing music atmosphere.


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